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When it comes to selecting your wardrobe necessities, it’s important to have a few versatile and timeless pieces that will give you a truly classy trendy look. Saga Mall has indeed some versatile modish pieces that will help you to organize your wardrobe and gives you a smart unique look. The collection to complete your look can include scarves, stoles, handbags, shawls, shoes and watches. The stoles and scarves available at Saga Mall are light as a feather and as colorful as orchids and lilacs. The luxurious handbags and shoes are simply the epitome of opulence and elegance and are priceless addition to any wardrobe. Just check on some of the versatile accessories that Saga Mall has in store. The kind of designs available will no doubt amaze you further.

Women leave no stone unturned when it comes to enhancing the persona of their beauty. To make every women feel beautiful and special in their own way Saga World with the exquisite mall brings the widest range of designer scarves. The beautifully designed collection of scarves; features great work of art by the very know designers.

Stole is another piece of accessory worn by every woman for warmth or fashion. It is a piece of cloth designed or stitched which is tied round the neck. Being situated in the heart of Dubai, Saga displays various ranges of stoles. The stoles are designed in a finest way with various themes and colors. They have unlike style and patterns being extremely artistic in their very own way.

Dubai’s leading Saga Mall offers a latest collection of crafted handbags, Designer handbags, stylish clutches and many more artistic fine works. Saga is well known for providing world class quality products to its customers. It presents a classic collection of handbags especially intrigued to flavor up your outfit for day or night wear. Shop for unmatched range of handbags, purses, clutches from our latest designer works.

Shawl is a simple mode of clothing worn over the shoulders to cover the outfit. Shawls were in fashion for nearly 100 years, and now women feels that today also it is one of the fashion accessories. Saga World displays of English urban domestic style shawls to its luxurious store. The fine designed shawls gives warmth and beauty is incomparable to any other outfit of its softness. Come and pick your favorite collections from our latest art works.