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Blending traditionalism with modern décor, the Saga Mall brings forth an array of elegant decorative items, fragrances, tea and incense sticks. The tantalizing range of products comprises of different shapes of candles and other decorative materials that are perfect to soothe one’s mind and soul. Saga Mall has carved a niche in the market and is the leading supplier of decorative items, incense sticks and potpourri.

Agarbattis or Incense sticks is used in many cultures for purposes such as accents in religious ceremonies. Saga uses traditional combination of ayurvedic herbs and fragrant extracts to produce one of the finest aromatic agarbattis in Dubai. The sticks are available in many varieties like sandalwood, Jasmine, rose to make you feel refresh and relax. Saga has created a unique brand in Incense market and is one of the leading suppliers of hand-crafted Incense sticks.

Saga creates remarkable and unusual magical scented candles. The brand is introduced to the world to give the essence of feeling and delight when lighting these aromatic candles. The candles are available in different flavors and variants. Saga world, an illustrious shopping mall in Dubai gives you good quality fragrance candles. It deals in many varieties of candles like rose, naturals, floral and many others.