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One of the most luxurious and upmarket mall of Dubai, the Saga Mall has royal treasures comprising of finest silk carpets, silver furniture and marble art that will enthrall you at the first look. The entire collection is an unparalleled assortment of unique and ethnic designs for the contemporary you. The carpets and silver furniture have been incomparable regarding to their composition of colors, harmony of pattern and fineness. With a Marble art you will get exquisite and unique masterpieces which would seamlessly enhance the look of your wall. It is always an eye-catcher for your visitors and guests and it fills you as owner with pride and joy. Undoubtedly, if you have an eye for luxury, Saga Mall in Dubai embodies luxurious sophistication.

There is no doubt on the fact that Silk is considered as one of the most beautiful and redefined fabrics ever known. It symbolizes versatility and creativity of a living craft. And if, you are interested in order to buy the finest silk carpet in Dubai, Saga World is the one stop shop where you can have the designer collection of various kinds of rugs and carpets available in affordable range. At this mega mall you can shop for different varieties of designer made luxurious and majestic silk carpets and can transform the entire look of your home. So come and avail the exciting offers at Saga World.

From ancient times, the objects made of silver were actually used to demonstrate power and wealth. This precious metal is being used to create plethora of remarkable items. And creating decorative silver furniture is one of them. Saga World is one of the best home furniture stores in Dubai that can offer you the widest range of world class silver made furniture that enhances the beauty of your home. Being a leading furniture store in UAE, Saga World with its state of the art royal furniture makes sure that you get the best for your home.

If you are the one who enjoy collecting antique and marble items, Saga World is an ideal place for you. In this beautiful mall of Dubai you can find variety of antique objects that showcases the marble art beautifully. Being one of the most visited malls in UAE at this place you will get to see numerous incredible things that are handmade. Projecting the perfect example of authenticity these well-crafted masterpieces are delight to watch. And if you want to convert your home into a beautiful place, shop for these antique items with Saga World.