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When it comes to the interior of your home, nothing speaks more beautifully than décor featuring bold, exciting accent pieces and rich fabrics suited to your personal style and especially that are withdrawn from antique collection of historical times. For discriminating shoppers, it takes more than the average piece of furniture to transform a room and that’s why Saga Mall is the perfect place to be at when shopping antique home décor furniture. The renowned mall of Dubai comprises of deluxe home décor furniture that has tasteful mix of new and old. The antique furniture put to display the Saga Mall has high degree of handmade workmanship with attention to details.

If you are hunting for art light collection reference with luxurious lights perfectly blending with exquisite architecture, select any collection available at the one of the finest malls of Dubai, the Saga Mall. The idea is to proficiently integrate smart art light design with strong characteristic ornament and design theme coordination in fashionable style that will add charm to the entire ambience of your household. Luxurious art light collection at Saga Mall is truly fabulous and fashionable art light available in different colors, material composition and arrangement association.

Looking for magical ways to decorate your home? Shop at the Saga Mall in Dubai for candle art and choose from an array of options available. Candle art available at this Saga world will surely add a chic, modernistic look to any room with this striking pair of candle sconces. Brightly-colored candles for an ultra-artistic display with antique iron stands will light up the entire place. Delicate blooms glow with a sensuous scarlet candlelit hue, will transform your room into marvel of dazzling light. Treat your sense of vision with candles inspired from decorative flowers, ideal for bedrooms, dining rooms and living rooms available at the Saga Mall.