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The Saga Mall in Dubai is designed to make us feel at home. Centered on imagined rich best locations in Dubai, it shows how people of today still are keenly interested in the antiques and ethnic materials for their home. Ancient furniture, beautiful pantings, bronze artefacts, precious stones and decorations that are put to display at the Saga Mall will surely take your breath away because of the sheer opulence. When you spot these handcrafted objects mashed with absolute perfection your lifestyle stretches to the appreciation. It is the hard to believe the amount of luxury they will add to your lifestyle besides being amazing gorgeous asset to your life.

For people for whom the fondness for the art still remains the Saga Mall is an idyllic place to shop at in Dubai. These bronze materials are the traditional bronze sculptures speak the eternal language of the spirit and are a living monument to the cultural tradition. These are best used for house decoration that will keep your guests and visitors mysterious.

Paintings are one of the most exquisite ways to enrich the beauty of your walls. The history of painting is drawn from the Mughals, when India was the heart of a great Islamic empire and a prolific center of Islamic culture and learning. Since ancient times the love for art has remained at center and art lovers till today believe in its evergreen sophistication that it brings with itself. Some of the collections are inspired from the early Mughal paintings that show the Timurid strains, the Mongol links and the rock formations idealized in Chinese paintings. At Saga Mall, you will find wonderful paintings that take you closer to heritage.