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If you are in love with antique the best place to shop in Dubai is the Saga Mall. The antiques are preferred because of age, era’s design, rarity, beauty, condition and or unique features. At Saga Mall the collection is no doubt the best and everlasting pieces of eras. Unlike modern furniture that depreciates antique furniture can hold value and possibility of appreciate in value and that is reason why it is most preferred by elegant and sophisticated of the entire clan. Antique furniture available at Saga Mall includes dining tables, bed frames, chests and etc. Add a touch of drama to your interior space with dressy antique tables accented with lovely, rich fabric that surely adds glamour to your choice. If you want your home to instantly look luxurious and sophisticated with the right accent pieces Saga Mall is the one stop solution for you.

Saga has a unique collection of Antique Table covers. The table covers are made of special quality and beautifully colored fabrics and linen. The covers are designed for excellent round tables for all sizes, which comes in good choices of colors. It is recognized as one of the leading suppliers of Antique table covers and clothes. These covers are prized for their unique designs, quality standards and rich finishing.

One of the most elite malls of Dubai, the Saga Mall is well perfect to shop for modern classy dining accessories that are not only eye-catching but also trendy. The entire modern dining design fusion between color, element composition, arrangement association and modern dining accessories are stylish and usable for you. Ranging from formal to informal dining accessories there is so much you can shop at the Saga mall that will surely astonish you with its supreme designs and superb collection.

If you are looking for embroidered napkins to add glamour to your dining table, we suggest you to shop at the Saga world for the classy and sophisticated designs that will fascinate you. These table napkins have a fashionable look with influential characteristic ornament and are designed with theme harmonization. They are inspired by creativity combining color, accessible element and design harmonization into a union that will charm your senses while having any meal. If you are looking for some amazing and unique embroidered napkins, Saga Mall is the answer to all your worries.